Designed by award winning designer James Barnham and manufactured in the UK, the SwitchBubble Power Protector solves the problem of ensuring mains powered equipment that must stay on - stays ON! 

Designed to fit 99% of UK standard mains sockets and plugs, this patent pending, design registered device with its clear label serves as a visual warning not to unplug devices you want left on. Simply held in place between the plug and the socket, there's no screws, no glue, no tape and no need to remove the mains socket from the wall - so you can easily move it from socket to socket to protect your devices as you need to.

With its two integrated switch covers it will cover the switch on the socket whether it is on the right or left hand side - ideal to stop those "little fingers" from turning things off. Made from V0 (most flame-retardant) rated material by our UK based supplier it complies with safety standards, it will not catch fire and is shipped CE marked.

For those "awkward" sockets we have added a NEW product to our SwitchBubble range. A simpler poly-propylene product shipped "flat" with cut outs for the mains plug pins ready to be pressed out at time of installation. With two pre-stressed folds it's easy to fold round a mains plug that MUST be left turned on and switched on! Available in red with our standard clear labelling in packs of 25. 

Keep security systems and alarms ON!

Keep fridges and freezers ON!

Keep medical equipment ON!

The SwitchBubble Power Protector is ideal for:

  • IT networking equipment (routers, switches etc)
  • TV and entertainment equipment
  • CCTV and security systems
  • Life saving and medical equipment
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Fish aquariums
  • fact, anything that must stay ON!

The SwitchBubble Power Protector... when it absolutely MUST stay ON! Fits 99% of UK mains plugs and sockets. 

Available in White and Red in single, dual, six or packs of 25 via our secure online store.

Subject to minimum order, we can provide customised labelling with your company name and logo, website, phone number etc

If you have any questions or wish to discuss orders over 50 pieces or for customised labelling please do contact us by using the contact form below.

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<<<<   No more trouble from  "little fingers"... 

 and no more unsightly tape!>>>>